Mikromuvment group

Artists involved: Katjuša Kovačič, Dana Auguštin, Aleksander Kuzmič, Jeremy Manche, Andreja Kopač, Articulacion Artistica Internacional

Projects: The shaman and her shadow- indoor, Šaman- senca- outdoor

Keep on bouncing!

Dana Auguštin is a Šlik(Shlik), a black feathered angel, using different artistic formats, such as: music, poetry, sculpture, drawing, dancing on a tissu(white vertical cloth, 6 to 13 m high, used also as a video projection screen) and cocon (black elastic ribbon), to tell stories of the other side. By her body she creates strange forms, sculptures; colored by the lines of her drawings and videos. Most of the time she dances in the air, like a bird, a shadow or her shaman, like herself.




Katjuša Kovačič is Njavka(Niavka),  playful spirit from the green wood, telling forgotten stories through the expressive flexions of her body. Combining knowledge and the art of movements from many cultures and their rituals, creating a unique characterized creature. She uses different artistic formats, such as: poetry, sound, contorsionism, capoeira, dance, theater and her animalistic nature define her forms. Creating on the ground, she represents the roots of the shaman and her shadow.


Aleksander Kozmič is the Galactic nomad with primal instruments from different tribes and cultures, playing the ancient sound of spiritual harmony. The music is the weapon of the future! Goni is root instrument from Africa used for rituals(with dance) of awakening the secret warriors of the soul. Nej(y) is turkish flute, making sounds from a single breath. Sitar plays secret mantras from the Asians, using guitar, drums, kalimba, tibetan flute and other small instruments from different countries. He also mixes and modifies all this sounds.



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