The shaman and her shadow- indoor( DNA- LAB residency)

The shaman and her shadow is a project, combining different art disciplines; contemporary circus, dance, music, fine arts and storytelling. It is a collaboration between three artists, Dana Auguštin, Katjuša Kovačič and Aleksander Kuzmič, each of them using few disciplines in her/his art creation. Dana Augustin’s primary research is the vertical dance (on tissu and cocoon), Katjusa Kovacic’s speciality is contemporary circus and capoeira, Aleksander Kozmic is a musician, specialized on ethnomusicology. Combined together, their arts create and intersection of horizontal (ground) and vertical (air) movements, supported by the music and visual (video) material. The music defines the rhythm and the atmosphere of the scenes and video projection serves as a hidden storyteller.

Our research is based on our experiences as performers, working mainly with our bodies. That leads to the recognition of the fine and important connection between the body and the soul (spirit), as well as their difference. That is the reason we have chosen to speak about the matter and the “non matter”, taking the shaman as a symbol for the artist and taking the shadow as the symbol for its soul and imagination. Shaman for us is the representation of the artist, repeating her/his rituals in order to reach the shadow. In other words, the artist, in order to achieve complete connection with her/him self, what means a high level of performance, has to perform this ritual of repetition, exercise, devotion to his art. The artist has to prepare his body in a careful way to be able to understand the message of the shadow. The shadow represents our unconscious part, our world of ideas of all kinds, that can construct and destruct, depending just on us. Communicate with the shadow demands the same training as for the body, just on another level, the level of our imagination.

The similarity and difference at the same time, the inside and outside, concrete and subtle are also the main principles of the art creation. Two female bodies are going to present that duality, playing the same person, showing her worlds of imagination and its impacts on her body at the same time. This main character (made out of two persons) has her invisible (air, soul) and material (ground, body) side. Sometimes these roles are evident and sometimes it is difficult to see where is the line that separates them. As in the creation processes, there are moments of chaos, of a clear vision, of silence, the moments these sides are together and the moments they are separated. The music and the sound is always present, as the beat of our heart, the rhythm of our respiration, the power of the spoken word as well as the silence.

The project was first ralized under the residency program DNA (EU program)  in  NOVA SIT / NEW WEB (theater in Jihlava/Czech) in november 2011.

Photos from the working process and performance:

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Foto:  A.Hruška


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