Katjuša Kovačič


Free lance artist and teacher in the field of performance, theatre and dance/movement


-School for contempory dance and balet, Jana Valdez, 1991-1999

-School from improvisation theater, Mojca Dimec, 2000-2002

-Contemporary dance, Branko Potočan, 2002-2017

– Capoeira school, Master Alegria, 2006-2017

-Beijing Intenatinal Art School, hand balance, contortion, acrobatics, 2008-2009

-Šugla-street theater school, different mentors, 2009

-Diferent workshops- thater, dance, circus, capoeira 2003-2015

Language skills:

Fluent in Slovene, English, Portuguese, Croatian, Serbian, Spanish and Chinese.

Main art projects(1993-2015):

-Marina Abramovič: Avtobiography,  Ljubljana, 1998

– Seeking balance, solo dance performance, Ljubljan, Hrastnik, koper 2009-10

-Cirkus Kansky, initiator, performer and production person, 2009-2012

-Odmevi, multimedia performance, 2009-2010

-Caligraphy alive, dance project with painter Hui Qin Wang, 2010 and 2006

-Niavka duet with Manca Uršič, movement in urban space, 2009-2015

-Capoeira performances, 2006-2015 (CH, SLO, IT, CRO, MX, CHC)

-Fake Tails, circus show with J.Romanh&D.Chavez 2011 (SLO,MX)

-Theater Ana Monro: Mojlerada, Ljubljanas Story, Girl with matches, 2012-2015

-Ambiental performances, acrobatic performance, 2009-2012

-Four Klor, dance, group-cooperation, 2009-2017

– Dynamic balance, movement performance with Alicia Ocadiz

-Circus per month, with B. Potočan and team, circus-acro performances 2014/15

-Performances cooperating with artists from different disciplines 2009-2015

-Matrix of fascia, physical performance with Nikola Orešković


-regular classes of capoeira for adults, children and disabled 2009-2017

-regular classes and workshops of fluid balance 2009-2017

-visual art, theater, circus workshops for children and adults 2005-2017

-street theater workshops for adults and youngsters 2011-2017

My aim and search as an artist was always melting borders betwen different tehniques and philosophies of movement and performance. I believe variety of body expression can open new ways of communicating with the public and among ourselves artists. I always tented to enter the unexplored zone where art, science and mistic melts into life. I move because i love it, it makes me feel alive.