Matrix of fascia



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MATRIX OF FASCIA (Space-time-negotiations) 

Physical performance 

Authors, performers, choreographs: Katjuša Kovačič & Nikola Orešković

Advisor for scenography: Marko A. Kovačič

Advisor for movement: Branko Potočan

Sound and video editing: Nikola Orešković

Co-production: Zavod Vitkar (SI), Theatre Ana Monro (SI), Association Amazonas (HR), Zavod Odtiz (SI), Mediterranean dance centre, The Department of Communication Theatre Arts Performance and Justice Project in collaboration with A Laboratory for Actor Training  (USA)

“Fascia is a matrix of connective tissue that envelopes the muscles, surrounds the nerves and

swathes the organs in a body-wide-web, it is our system of Biomechanical Regulation. Understanding how it works is essential to the dance between stability and movement. “

Biomechanics of fascia movement and transformation is the foundation of our performance. How does the body react when it’s put in a condition of space time limitations? Using scenographic equipement – elastic band (as a third dancer) and our own bodies we shift space and create fascia net.

The intensity and quality of movement is constantly changing – depending on space barriers. We explore the ways to connect and shape-shift different movement patterns, body
expressions and presence – inspired with our knowledge of contact dance, circus
acrobatics, martial arts, biomechanics and theatre; developing unique movement vocabulary with
wich we tell the tale of intertwining inner and outer proceses of human body and collective body through unpredictable fascia matrix. We will also be playing with ambidexterity, rhythm, forward-backward motion, repetition, statics/dynamics… When possible we use short video material of microscopic fotage of fascia in two parts; it is optional, depending on the space. Performance  can be played in theatre, outside platforms and/or galleries, clubs,…  duration can also be modified.


Whole performance/ theater version in NY:

Street version ZG:




pedagog, profesor of capoeire, dancer, acrobat, stunt man and performer

Has years of experience as a teacher and performer in different mind/body/movement practices; he works with individuals from different artistic disciplines. A master degree 3.dan in  taekwondo , he is a co-founder and member of first croatian Martial Arts Trics demo team “X-OUT”. Skilled in handbalancing, circus/acrobatics, capoeira, gymnastics , yoga and contemporary dance (worked with Snježana Abramović Milković, Iva Nerina Sibila, Žak Valenta…). He merges all these disciplines in his own training system, passing his knowledge to students through fluid balance classes and workshops.

Since 2002 he is active in capoeira as a first croatian profesor, teaching students (children and adults) in Croatian association Amazonas. Since 2009 professinaly works as a stuntman. Also works as an associate in Faculty of Kineziology in the department of acrobatics. He is active member of IMRC (Integrated movement research colective), UPUH (Croatian dancers association) and HDFD (croatian film artists’ association).


pedagog, profesor of capoeire, dancer, acrobat, street theater artist and performer

Freelance artist co-working with artists from different disciplines, merging her knowledge and experiences in her unique movement expression, which she shares to students through fluid balance. She is engaged in movement disciplines since she was five, in the beggining through expression dance and improvisation theater, later through contemporary dance and physical theater. Since 2004 she is playing with circus and street theatre; she was engaged in one year intensive acrobatics  programme in Beijing International Arts School; graduated on Šugla (street theatre school). Since 2006 she is active in Capoeira Tradicao Baiana, she received a belt of profesor in 2013. She teaches regular fluid balance classes, street theatre (movement in urban space) and capoeira (adults, children, persons with disabilities). She works with individuals /associations: Branko Potočan, Alicia Ocadiz, Nikola Orešković, Manca Uršič, Ana Monro theatre, Capoeira association Tradiçao Baiana, Sezam, City of Women, Amazonas.  She is a performer and coreograph in individual and group productions, she cooperates with international festivals and other events.



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